Cushions and Protective Covers Guide

Detail of cushions on Palma corner set in white wash

Kettler Cushions and Garden Furniture Covers Guide

Most Great British summers come with a little bit of rain. As much as we dream of warmer climates, such a thing simply isn’t reliable in the UK.

Showers are unpredictable and can come anytime, with garden furniture taking the brunt of the impact. However, it’s not just the furniture itself that suffers, cushions can be susceptible to damage through continuous rainfall.

Here, we’ll explain the ins and outs of garden furniture cushions, and protective covers. From the materials used to the pros and cons, this buying guide will leave you up to date on what deserves a spot in your garden.

The Materials Used in Garden Cushions

Unlike cushions used indoors, there’s little choice for materials in garden cushions. Often, brands will use a synthetic material such as polyester for its durability and resistance to weathering. However, it’s also worth noting that not all outdoor cushions are waterproof and should therefore not be left outside all-year round.

Waterproof vs. Non-Waterproof Cushions

Due to additional processing and protective layers, waterproof cushions will often feel a little less comfortable than their non-waterproof counterparts. At KETTLER, your relaxation is our priority, which is why our cushions carry no waterproof rating.

aruba lounge set with sumtuous cushions on a garden pation

We are aware that waterproof cushions are on the market and have been for a few years now. In fact, our garden furniture is designed to be left outdoors all year round. However, we always recommend taking cushions indoors when not in use.

KETTLER cushions come with an open cell foam core which maintains its shape for longer, just like with the Aruba Lounge Rope Set (pictured above). An open cell foam is softer and more breathable than a closed cell foam, the likes of which are mostly used on waterproof cushions. However, open cell foam does absorb water.

Pros of Waterproof Cushions:

  • Can be left outside in the rain
  • Generally more resistant to spills
  • Tends to last longer compared to non-waterproof cushions

Cons of Waterproof Cushions:

  • Made with stiffer, closed-cell materials
  • Less breathable
  • Compresses less than non-waterproof cushions
  • Generally less comfortable
  • Loses shape quicker
  • Rely on sun exposure to dry out, sometimes taking multiple hours

So, How Do You Keep KETTLER Cushions Dry?

The simplest way to protect your non-waterproof cushions is to bring them inside. This only really needs to be done if you don’t plan on using your garden furniture for an extended period. Storing them in a dry, temperature-controlled environment can prolong the life and comfort of your cushions, making them a far more cost-effective purchase in the long run.

If inside isn’t an option, you can even use a cushion storage box as a quick fix. These have the added benefit of keeping your cushions in close reach, ready whenever you need them.

Garden Furniture Protective Covers

When it comes to garden furniture, we offer a range of protective covers that are tailor-made to fit each piece perfectly. All of our covers include ventilation pockets to reduce the build-up of condensation, and are made with durable synthetic materials to ensure a lifetime of use. During the summer months, you can leave the cushions on the furniture, as long as you use a protective cover for night time or during rain.

Can I Cover Metal Garden Furniture?

Metal garden furniture can be left outdoors all-year due to its weather resistant properties. As such, we don’t provide tailor fitted covers for our metal garden furniture.

Can I Cover Wicker And Wooden Furniture?

If you have wicker or wooden garden furniture, and are looking for an alternative way to cover your set, we recommend either a breathable cover, or storing it inside a garage, shed or room in the home.

One thing to bear in mind with covering wood furniture is that the pieces must not be laid flat. Instead, try to elevate the separate parts and create a tent effect. This reduces the risk of overexposing the wood to moisture, and allows it to breathe.

Alternatively, enjoy year-round use by putting your garden furniture inside a conservatory during the winter months.

Protective covers over a palma sofa set on a garden patio

Dry Garden Furniture in Seconds

Using a tailored protective cover keeps cushions dry. Once the grey clouds part and the blue skies appear, it takes 30 seconds to lift a protective cover off your furniture. Waterproof cushions rely on the sun to dry them out when wet, which could take hours to soak up the rain. That’s hours that could be spent relaxing under the sun.

Have a browse through all the outdoor accessories we have in stock at KETTLER today. From bespoke covers made specifically for your furniture, to outdoor cushions designed for hours of comfort, we’re sure to have something that fits your garden needs.

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