Table Top Buying Guide

Close up of LaMode dining table

A garden furniture table to match your set is key to hosting a delicious outdoor meal. With so many materials and styles on offer, here is our guide of KETTLER’s table tops.

Close up of a wooden table top on wicker garden furniture.


Our Polywood table tops are made from 100% engineered plastic to retain its clean wood look.

The plastic garden furniture is maintenance free and durable. The weatherproof plastic lasts longer in all conditions for a durable performance. Best of all, it’s made with recycled material! The high-density polyethylene is not only eco-friendly but UV resistant and withstands all of nature’s seasons.

Close up of a glass table top on wicker garden furniture.


Get more from your wicker furniture with a glass top table.

Glass will not stain and simply wipes clean for easy maintenance after a delicious outdoor meal. Glass withstands year-round weather for long lasting garden furniture to enjoy time and time again.

Close up of a wooden table top.


Our rustic wood furniture fits into most gardens.

Wood is eco-friendly and organically sourced. It is made to withstand the outdoors with weather resistance.

Our wood furniture has a natural beauty, texture and colour. It is carefully selected and made from a variety of FSC® sourced materials including teak and acacia. Look for the FSC® symbol for certified products.

Close up of a metal mesh table top.


Steel Mesh offers a classic look to any traditional garden.

Metal tables come both large and small for a patio or balcony. The rustproof coating withstands the winter and wet months. A mesh table is versatile, mixing and matching with a range of metal garden chairs.


HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate and is both durable and highly decorative.

It features superior wear resistance for long lasting enjoyment and works as both indoor and outdoor furniture with a versatile style. HPL table tops often feel lightweight as they sit on top of aluminium legs therefore are easy to move around the garden. A HPL table top is for modern gardens with contemporary patterns for conservatories and kitchens.


Kettalux comes out of KETTLER’s decades of experience with garden furniture.

This table top blends beauty with sophistication; its stone look stands as a design feature to catch people’s attention. The warp-proof material uses recycled plastic in multiple layers for a long lasting, weatherproof performance. Kettalux fits into both traditional and contemporary garden spaces.

Close up of a cement resin table top.

Cement Resin

A cement resin table top features a luxurious look fit for an outdoor setting.

The rustic style begs to be touched and sits perfectly on a stone patio or a decking area. The substantial table top feels sturdy and needs 2 to lift. A perfect fashion statement for a traditional garden, a cement resin table top will have all your guests talking.

Round or Rectangular?

A graph of different garden furniture tables.

What shape of table to use with your garden furniture depends on the size of your garden and who you will have over for dinner. Round table tops tend to be smaller than rectangular or square tables, making them ideal for smaller spaces. If you are looking for a table for a balcony then a mesh round table is the perfect choice.

For those who like to entertain with garden parties with lots of people, a rectangular table is best. Extendable tables are rectangular and provide additional seating for bigger parties of up to 10 people. If you are struggling to know the size of the table you need, use our table size chart below.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean all table tops with a sponge and warm, soapy water. Do not use any abrasive chemical cleaning agents. A wax based car shampoo on a mesh table creates an added shine and will not affect the paintwork. Do not use a pressure wash to clean garden furniture. Use a breathable cover when your furniture is not in use for additional protection. We offer a range of spare parts, including footcaps and bolt packs.

For a wide variety of garden furniture for outdoor dining, take a look at KETTLER’s Outdoor Table range.