Table Tennis Table Buying Guide

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Buying a table tennis table isn’t straightforward. For one, not many homes are built to accommodate such large pieces of equipment, requiring you to ask some serious questions. Mainly, do I have enough space?

Ultimately, making sure you are prepared is important before any purchase. To get into that position, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before committing to a purchase. Thankfully, we have the answers you need. Here are our tips on buying table tennis table.

Things to Consider

Before we even look at the options available, we must first prompt you to think of some considerations, namely:

  • Where will you be playing?
  • How much space can you dedicate?
  • Do you have ample storage space?
  • Determining these factors will ultimately point you towards the type of table you buy, how big it is, and how much extra equipment you need. With this determined, let’s get a bit more specific.

How Big is a Full-Size Table Tennis Table?

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Full, competition size table tennis tables measure 152.5x274cm (4.9ft x 8.9ft). This is true for both indoor and outdoor models, with sizes being standardised via the International Table Tennis Federation. There are different table tennis table sizes, but these tend to be smaller than regulation size to better cater for younger players.

If you’re serious about fitness (and table tennis), it’s advised to stick to regulation-size tables. This will make you more familiar with how much space you have to play with, making you a more well-rounded player. Thankfully, all KETTLER table tennis tables are made to fit these size regulations.

How High is a Table Tennis Table?

Table tennis tables are 76cm (2.4ft/0.76 metres) tall. As with their length and width, the height of table tennis tables is also standardised across full-size, competition models.

How Much Space Do You Need for a Table Tennis Table?

To fit such tables, you will need room for roughly 4 steps back (2 metres) and 2 steps either side of the table (1 metre). This means that your room will need to measure somewhere around the 18ft x 11ft (5.4 x 3.3 metres) margin.

If you don’t give yourself enough room, you could either run into walls, hit the table with your bat or knock a vase off a shelf.

Thankfully, when it comes to storage, KETTLER table tennis tables can be folded when not in use. This makes them great for portability, and freeing up space. When folded, KETTLER table tennis tables may reach heights of 5.08ft (1.5 metres), so it’s worth ensuring that your room has enough vertical space to accommodate this.

Which Room Should I Put the Table Tennis Table In?

Man and woman playing table tennis indoors

So, you’ve looked at the spatial requirements and have some options available. When deciding on a room to put your table tennis table in, we advise choosing a room with a consistent temperature. Playing in a room with fluctuating temperatures may even cause the table surface to deteriorate.

For your flooring, wooden or laminate flooring is ideal as it’s the most durable material. Foldable table tennis tables will also move easier on these surfaces when you tidy it away. Carpets will become worn over time, and a thick carpet may make the table wobble during play. So, beware of rugs and slippery tiles!

Indoor vs Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

There is a big difference between indoor and outdoor table tennis tables. Outdoor tables are designed to stay outdoors all year round, while indoor table tennis tables must be kept inside.

An indoor table tennis table uses a wooden tabletop; a table tennis table for outside uses a wood and metal weatherproof tabletop.

Ping pong balls bounce higher and faster on a indoor tables, whereas the wood/metal mix of an outdoor table absorbs more of the ball’s energy, slowing the game down. If you are playing for fun you are less likely to notice this, however serious table tennis competitors would see the difference.

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Table Tennis Tabletops, Explained

The quality of a table tennis tabletop is usually evidenced by its thickness. Generally, thicker tables are more resilient hardwearing, although they do weigh more than their thinner counterparts.

• 22mm or 25mm tables are the toughest. They offer a superb ball bounce, faster rallies and will last longer. Even more, 25mm tabletops are the competition standard.

• 19mm tabletops are an affordable choice for people looking to have fun playing ping pong with family and friends. This will give a shorter ball bounce bounce, allowing amateurs to enjoy a steady rally.

Quality Table Tennis Tables from KETTLER

Whether you’re an up-and-coming table tennis pro, or more of a part-time rally master, you’ll want to make sure you’re playing on a table that will last. Building muscle memory for something non-standard can teach bad habits as time goes on, ultimately leading to a sub-par form and playing style.
Thankfully, all our table tennis tables are built with durable materials with indoor and outdoor options available. Up your game with a KETTLER table tennis table, today.

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