Elyx Here To Build A Fitter You!

Woman stood next to cross trainer in workout clothes

Looking for the secret to the perfect body this year? Look no further than the all new Elyx cross trainer from fitness experts Kettler.

The Elyx 7 is a state of the art elliptical cross trainer which not only increases your muscular endurance, cardio fitness and total body strength, it also looks great in any home with its sleek minimalist style.

To help you get in shape, it has 68 training programmes, including fitness tests and benefits from the world’s most precise ergometer, which measures your performance accurately*.

Keeping  you entertained while you work out, there is also a high tech Siemens console with TFT display which means you can watch TV, films or even, when time pressed, view work documents. The built in media centre also means you can enjoy the music of your choice either through speakers or headphones.

The Elyx also folds away, meaning you can get all you need from a workout from the comfort of your own home, and it doesn’t take up too much space.

The cross trainers are easy on the joints due to the long and flat elliptical movement of the machine, and offer muscle toning, fat burning and a cardio workout in one place.

The Elyx range has three models:

  • Elyx 3: £899 (inc. VAT) and is fitted with HeartRateLight – an exclusive feature to Kettler which changes the colour of the display, depending on whether you are working in the optimal fitness zone. This enables a simple way to train within a specific heart rate.
  • Elyx 5: £1,199 (inc. VAT) and is compatible with Kettler World Tours, which enables you to design and create your own course anywhere in the world and race against other users online! Elyx 5 is a precise ergometer which measures performance in Watts. This is ideal for the more serious user who is keen to monitor performance over time. Elyx 5 also folds away to save space.
  • Elyx 7: £1,799 (inc VAT) – this is the top of the range and offers one of the most advanced training systems in the world. It is also compatible with Kettler World Tours software.

Stockists and a video demonstrating the product can be viewed here.