Healthy Snacks to Eat at Your Desk

They say a workout starts in the kitchen. Whilst sat at your desk, either in the office or at home, it is easy to go through a pack of biscuits throughout the day. We are sometimes guilty of it at the Kettler office! But instead of a packet of chocolate, why not try healthy alternatives to graze on while hard at work.

Here’s what healthy snacks we are eating at Kettler HQ:

Detail of a nut mix in a plastic bowl.

Nuts are packed with protein for better recovery after exercise as it repairs muscle tissue. Nuts fit into a nice little container and provide a filling snack to replace chocolate sweets.

A womans hand holding a mix of dried fruits.
Dried Fruit

Dried fruit or freeze dried fruit is a healthy little snack for a sweet tooth. High in fiber and low in calories makes this a perfect little treat with a variety of choices available in your local supermarket. Plus the natural sugar gives us the good kind of energy we need to get through the working day.

Pot of hummus and carrots
A Good Dip

A healthy dip, such a hummus is very en vogue when it comes to snacks. Hummus is great because it reduces the risk of cancer, lowers cholesterol and is rich in protein. Also, it is filling, comes in plenty of flavours and is easy to make in the kitchen!

What About Lunch Time?

As previously mentioned, a workout starts in the kitchen. Why not prepare something healthy the night before you come into work? Claire, our Fitness Customer Services Manager, regularly posts her delicious pre-made lunches on her Instagram account, @claire.morganlee, while Niki, our Internal Sales and Logistics Administrator, tucks into a tasty salad at lunch time.

Turkey mince, rice and vegetables and side salad lunch

Bottle of water, fruit and porridge

It is a standard, staple part of any healthy diet. While snooping around the office I found plenty of tasty fruit, accompanied by a bowl of porridge.

Green Tea

Box of lemon green tea
There are so many Teas to choose from! Walk through the Kettler office and you are bound to catch a whiff of every kind. Flavoured green tea seems to be a favourite here.

Hope this has inspired you to go healthy at work. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about your new healthy snacks.