Kettler’s Tough Mudder

Our National Sales Manager for Fitness, David, took the Tough Mudder challenge, pushing himself to complete the psychical as well as psychological obstacle course or “Mud Run”.

David had this to say about his experience:

“Tough Mudder is a team event, with emphasis on the group achievement of its goal rather than individual performance. There is no official timing involved, the ethos is very much about helping and relying on other ‘Mudders’. I did the London South West event with my wife, Kate.

David Lamb at tough mudder
It is basically 10 miles of muddy terrain, with 25 obstacles between the start and finish. The obstacles range from high fences which you have to help others over, whilst relying on others to help you too; to ice cold containers which require complete submergence; to outright ‘mild’ electrocution. It was a far cry from the usual Saturday fare!”

David and Kate managed to get round in a fantastic 3:45 hours. David described the whole event as “good fun and something I’ll never forget”. Indeed.