Solex 2019 Trade Show: What We Know

It is that time of the year where we prepare next year’s garden furniture range ready for Solex, the annual outdoor trade show. The exhibition gives buyers from our retailers a sneak peek at what’s to come in our industry for 2020.

No Sleep ‘Til Solex 2019

This year our stand is bigger than ever, with fresh ranges, expanding collections and NEW BRANDS! Yes, Kettler will be distributing more than ever in 2020, and we cannot wait to show what we’ve been working on to the staff from garden centres from across the UK.

Our teams are working hard finalising the ranges as well as putting together the most ambitious show we’ve ever done.

Our 2020 Vision

We plan to start the new decade with a bang!

As the Palma collection continues to grow in popularity, we are bringing in new additions to expand the range. This will include more ways to relax and dine.

Our aluminium range will also see further growth; however, it comes with the usual Kettler twist. These contemporary designs mix materials and use modern colours to push the latest garden trends.

Not Just Kettler Garden Furniture

The Kettler world is growing. We aim to make outdoor living as comfortable as possible, keeping you in your garden for even longer. How do we do this? By bringing in even more garden accessories.

The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal range will be making a return to the show, including the new 4K charcoal BBQ. After a successful launch in London as well as coverage in many national publications, we believe the 4K will be a hit at Solex.

We will also be showing Jati & Kebon garden furniture as well as the luxury RHS by Kettler wood and wicker ranges.

We cannot wait for Solex 2019 to begin! To all buyers and staff coming to the event from garden centres and department stores…get ready!