Outdoor Table Tennis Description

Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Since 1960’s Kettler have been using pioneering technology to provide the best table tennis tables. Today all our outdoor table tennis tables have a number of distinctive features including a moisture resistant melamine resin plate which also provides excellent stability.

High Quality Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The one hand locking mechanism allows for safe and comfortable opening and closing of the tops. Particularly when outside you might experience uneven surface but with Kettler table tennis tables the height can be easily adjusted on every table leg creating a level surface. Furthermore the table tops can be centrally unlocked allowing you to fold the table tennis tables to turn it into playback position for solo play.

At Kettler we are proud of our “Made in Germany” label which means our outdoor and indoor table tennis tables are made to the highest standards.

To ensure debris doesn’t gather on your new table tennis we offer a wide range of table tennis accessories including covers, bats and spares.