Guide to Buying a Garden Fire Pit

Black metal fire pit bowl with burning twigs.

It’s nearly time to say goodbye to winter and give a warm welcome to spring. A time to get outdoors and start entertaining in the garden. By investing in a fire pit, it is a great way to spend more time in your garden with friends and family, even when the sun has set for the day.

What is a fire pit?

A fire pit is like an outdoor “fireplace” that doesn’t require any installation. Portable and easy to clean, a fire pit offers the perfect combination of a permanent outdoor fireplace and a grill.

Things to Consider before Buying a Fire Pit Table?

Pick a Style

Fire pits come in a variety of styles, including small, portable metal bowls to large stone or stainless-steel models. The popular choice of garden fire pits can also be used as coffee tables. Like the Palma fire pit table, which allows you to put a lid on the fire pit when you want to serve up a meal.

Consider your outdoor décor, whether it’s sleek and minimalist, charmingly eclectic, or rustic in style. Think about the look and feel of your gardens and find a fire pit that adds to the atmosphere. For a modern garden, our top pick will be the Kalos Universal Fire pits with a smooth stylish finish.

Close-up of marshmallows being roasted over a fire pit table.

Pick the Perfect Size

Fire pits range in size from 52cm to 132cm. Choose a size that fits your budget and location. If you are limited for space, then a wall standing fire pit would be ideal. If you want a fire pit that will allow you to rest your feet on the lip of a fire pit, then choose a model that’s slightly lower than a standard seat height so you can get more heat to the body.

Decide on Fuel

With fire pits, you have the choice of either wood-burning or gas/propane. One of the biggest benefits of a wood-burning fire pit is that it’s cost-efficient. Whereas propane and natural gas fire pits offer the advantage of being faster to light, which creates instant warmth. They are also smoke-free, easier to clean-up and control.

Close-up of fire basket with burning logs in it.

Think of purpose

Ask yourself what you want to use the fire pit for? If you fancy the idea of cooking on the heat of a real fire, then a wood-burning fire pit will be the best option. Maybe you want to add a fantastic design feature to your outdoor space? In which case a gas or propane fire pit would be the better. Also, look out for features that fit you and your family. If you want the option to rest a drink on whilst you relax in the garden, then look for a fire pit with enough lip.

Other Considerations

It’s important to consider fire-safety standards when operating an outdoor fire pit and take measures to reduce it. Ensure that your fire pit is at least 10 feet away from buildings and fences. It needs to be placed on a level, hard ground such as hard-stone, cement or tile.

Ensure everyone in the house knows how to turn off the fit pit, and never leave young children unattended around the flames.

Kalos Universal fire pit table.

Top tips for your fire pit

  • Add a sprinkle of sage to your fire pit to help keep mosquitoes and other flying nasties away.
  • Fill apples with granola or crumbled oatmeal cookies, wrap in tin foil and cook in the embers of your fire pit for a delicious, warm dessert.
  • Put a grill on top of your fire pit and transform it into a barbecue.

The new Kalos gas fire pits are available in a choice of styles and sizes, with something to suit all tastes. Your garden is sure to become your favourite hangout spot, providing a great opportunity to get family and friends together.