Traditional Garden Furniture vs Modern Garden Furniture

Kettler Harlow Carr Longe set in garden setting

Choosing a new garden furniture set can be a more arduous task than one might perceive. One clear choice that seems to derail a decision is whether to opt for a modern style or a more traditional set.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing your set, one of the most important of those factors is how the style of the set you want integrates in your garden now and for the future. KETTLER garden furniture is renowned for its quality and the reason why customers rate us so highly is because we only produce the sets that will last the test of time. The set you choose not only has to fit your garden landscape now, but it’s also important to consider any changes you may want to make in the future too.

Traditional Garden Furniture

So, let’s start with traditional garden furniture. The tried-and-tested, and the staple to many British homes across the country, what better time than during National Gardening Week to talk about the RHS by Kettler Collection?

Including an exciting collection of outdoor lounge, dining and companion sets, RHS by Kettler provides a classic-look and embody traditional British gardens with a choice of luxury wooden and wicker design.

RHS Hampton Lounge Set

A new and unique addition to the RHS collection, this 4-piece lounge set includes a 2-seater sofa, two lounge chairs and a rectangular coffee table, all styled with elegant sage green cushions. When considering your set selection one of the big features is the main material. This particular set is made with solid acacia wood, so not only is it effortlessly stylish, it’s also incredibly durable too.

RHS Hampton coffee table set on garden decking

RHS Harlow Carr Lounge

Sink into the sumptuous cushions of the RHS Harlow Carr range. Combining comfort with a timeless traditional style, this furniture has the versatility to mix and match wicker armchairs, sofas and coffee table to find your perfect layout.

rhs harlow carr lounge set indoor in conservatory

Like many of our garden furniture sets, the beauty of both RHS Hampton and Harlow Carr, is that this furniture looks great indoors too; you can really make the most of your furniture all year round.

Modern Garden Furniture

The same factors still apply for modern garden furniture, size, durability, your garden style but you also have the advantage of new technologies and advancements.

The KETTLER Palma range is the perfect example, boasting a modern casual dining concept with the flexibility of choices and modern features such as fire pit tables.

Palma Casual Dining Corner Sofa

Casual Dining, a relatively new concept for garden furniture, makes the most out of your garden space and ideal for those looking to entertain, as well as those who have a smaller space that can’t facilitate separate lounging and dining sets. The Palma Casual Dining Corner Set provides the ultimate outdoor dining experience and is at the height of modern garden furniture – whether you’re looking to host a luxury meal outdoors or an afternoon lounging in the sun.

Kettler Palma Corner Set with glass top table and parasol on patio setting

Palma Fire Pit Table

If you’re starting to lean towards a modern furniture set for your garden, this may just convince you. The Palma Fire Pit Table provides an ambient atmosphere that transforms your space whilst the sun goes down, keeping you and your guests warm on those cooler summer nights.

Kettler Palma Corner Set garden furniture on patio at night

There you have it, whether you’re looking for traditional or modern garden furniture, we hope we’ve been of help. Here at Kettler we provide a large variety of both styles, our Palma and RHS Collections are the tip of the iceberg! We have been trusted by customers up and down the country for many years in providing only the best quality and styles for your homes.

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