Kettler Customer: The 40 Year Old Go-Kart

Girl playing on a 40 year old Kettler Go-Kart.

We love to hear people’s Kettler stories. There’s nothing better than reading customer’s comments on how our garden furniture or our go-karts have been a part of their lives.

When we received an email from an owner of a 40 year old Kettler Go-Kart, we had to tell people. Here is their story:

Kettler Christmas Present

“I used to ride my Kettler go-kart 40 years ago when I was a kid.

It has been used by: My older brother, me, my 2 nephews and finally (as pictured) my own little girl using it (and eventually her sister!)…

Bit battered now, lost its front number sticker and its rear tyres would probably fail its MOT. But it has had a repaint and with a little bit of oil on the chain it lives on!

My dad still remembers building it in the early 70’s. It was Christmas eve; all the instructions were in German and there was a bolt missing. So, he rummaged around in his jar of spares to find one to fit so there wasn’t a disappointed boy on Christmas day!”

Tell Us Your Story

We believe in promoting the Best of Times and sharing magical memories through the years. If you have a 40 year old kettler go-kart or some classic garden furniture, passed on through the family, you can share your story with us. Go to the Contact Us section on our website or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and message us.

We can’t wait to hear more memories.