Treadmill Buying Guide

Treadmills are very popular pieces of fitness equipment because they are easy to use and versatile – whether you want to use it to train for a marathon, train to keep fit or even to walk when the weather outside is bad. Our Treadmill Buying Guide ensures you get the right fitness equipment for your home.

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Treadmill Considerations

  • How often do you intend on using your treadmill?
  • What is your budget? KETTLER treadmills have sturdy frames and mainly depend on specific computer features and motor to dictate the price.
  • How big are you? If you are larger or tall, bear this in mind for size of running board and maximum user weight. All KETTLER treadmills have good maximum user weights – 120-150kg dependent on model.
  • How much space do you have? Generally, they are not very small pieces of equipment so bear in mind where you intend to use your treadmill. Even though most models on the market including KETTLER treadmills have folding mechanisms, it is also important to have enough space around the outside for safety. Garages/outbuildings (generally places which do not have a constant temperature or have temperature fluctuations) are not generally a good place as condensation may affect the computer and circuit board over time.
  • Most treadmills on the market are home assembly only due to their size.

Gadget Breakdown

Treadmill specifications, as with all electronic equipment have come on a long way in recent years. If you are baffled by some of the specification details, hopefully this section will include all of the information you want to know.

  • Programs – If you are happy to motivate yourself and control the speed and incline, then it is not worth paying for a high specification computer. If you are going to use on a regular basis and need a varied workout to motivate yourself, choose a model with programs to track your progress. Either way, you will still get all the training data you require including speed, time measurement, pulse rate, calories consumption.
  • Display – the type of screen to view training data. Most screens use a LCD back lit display.
  • Pulse measurement – most treadmills and all KETTLER treadmills offer pulse measurement via hand sensors with the option of a chest belt.
  • The size of the running deck is quite important especially if you are tall or have a long stride. The longer and wider surface is the most desirable so you don’t feel that you are going to overstep the front or fall off rear. KETTLER treadmills all boast generous running surfaces.
  • Speed – look for a good range of speed.
  • Incline – the incline of the running deck is measured in percentage terms. All KETTLER treadmills has motorised incline with both models in the current range having a 0-12% range.
  • All models in the KETTLER treadmill range have shock absorbing running decks (type varies by model).
  • Motor – the higher the hp the more powerful and constant speed of the motor.
  • Power supply – Most treadmills including the KETTLER range require mains connection.

Treadmill Benefits

  • Treadmills are easy to use. Simply turn on and run. You do not have to worry about awkward terrain, curbs or slippery paths.
  • Improve your cardio health and blood pressure. The act of running helps push blood through your body for a healthier feel.
  • Tone the lower half of your body, including calves, buttocks and quads. Putting the treadmill on an incline improves muscle strength even further.
  • When there is bad weather but you want to run, you have no need to go outside. With a treadmill in the home you can enjoy the convenience of exercising inside.

As treadmills have moving parts, they do require regular maintenance, required to keep your warranty valid. Maintenance will include lubricating the running mat – see the product instructions for details on what lubricant to use and how often it is required.

KETTLER treadmills are designed for home usage only and come with a 3 years parts and labour warranty (conditions apply).

We understand that when buying fitness equipment including treadmills, there are a lot of products on the market each with technical specifications and jargon. Here at KETTLER, we understand that people have varying knowledge and try to explain products clearly and simply. If you need any further information about any of our products, please call us on 01527 591901.

You can buy Kettler Treadmills here